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Abirk Universal Platform is a web-based cloud platform devolepd by ABIRK and capable of tracking, monitoring, acquiring and analyzing data, managing maintenance and more, in various sectors of industry 4.0.

State of the Art Technology

AUP is developed with the last technologies on the market and we continuously deploy upgrade and new functionalities.


although AUP devices exist, the platform is completely independent from the IoT infrastructure and the devices used on the field

Integration with legacy systems

thanks to its modular and open structure, AUP can be integrated at any level with the legacy systems present in the company

Fully Customizable

Because AUP is completely developed by ABIRK, it can be fully customized to the needs of our customers

Who Are We?

ABIRK is a company dealing with consulting, system integration, R&D, innovation and technology transfer in the scope of ICT across different industrial fields.


Address Elvezia 37
6900 Lugano


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