Industry 4.0 & IoT

AUP can be integrated with ABIRK devices (eg. Abirk Intelligent Train Gateway), IoT (single devices and/or sensor network), and also with third party devices and infrastructure

IoT (Internet of Things) is based on the interconnection of devices, the collection of operating data and storage in the Cloud. IoT is important because it makes previously unusable data available.

Abirk has developed a platform of applications that connect to the data of the device and allow you to view, explore and create sophisticated data analysis.
By analysing the operating data of the equipment in real time, AUP allows you to create, for example, reliable predictive maintenance models, keeping the devices updated with over-the-air updates. 


The "core" of the communication system is the AUG (Abirk Universal Gateway) module.
This module uses open and standard protocols to communicate with third-party hardware devices, being able to manage both simple operations such as data download and manage complex integrations through the web system for monitoring, managing and configuring remote devices.
The module is fully-connected with certified devices, (se in the follow), or can be integrated with third-party solutions where is also possible to install the AUI (IoT) and AUEG (Edge Computing) modules directly on the devices in order to use all the power of the gateway module AUG with OTA (Over The air) updates of the software and on-board functions (eg . alarms, counters, synthetic diagnostics, CBM, predictive maintenance, etc.)


All interactions between AUG, field devices and servers are supported by the API architecture.
All the functions can be managed either through AUP's standard web interface or through APIs for integration with legacy systems

Connectivity & Security

AUG supports all standard interfaces (SFTP, HTTP, SSL) and the MQTT protocol for communicating with devices.
Data encryption and the use of VPN architectures is also supported.

Remote Management

Access, manage and update devices remotely using configurations based on open XML / JSON architectures

AUP Certified Devices

thanks to partnership with MIOS Elettronica, we fully integrate a modern solution for train gateway and edge computing in rail environment.

Train Gateway

is an on-board railway device
that allows data exchange function
(gateway) between on-board devices and
groundside sites via radio link.

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