Fleet Management

Design, implementation and hosting of complete systems for Remote Monitoring and Maintenance Optimizations

Fleet Management Solution

Abirk has developed a platform of applications that connect to the data of the device and allow you to view, explore and create sophisticated data analysis.

This flow of information involves the processing of different types of data like:

Repair reports, Operational KPls, Work Orders, Regular Measures and Checks, Maintenance plans, Vehicle diagnostics, GPS positioning, Real time asset connections, Ticketing and hotline, Technical reports and Activity Planning.

By analyzing the operating data of the equipment in real time, AUP allows you to create, for example, reliable predictive maintenance models.

It is possible to completely manage the fleet from the Control Room module which will be customized according to customer needs. All maintenance activities can be managed using sophisticated software capable of tracking any deposit activity, maintenance plans, resource allocation, measurement tools, documentation, etc.
The software complies with the ECM process for management activities.

Expert Guide for Your Projects

Choose the expert guide and the support of ABIRK and official partners, for the design of your solution based on the AUP platform.

ABIRK staff and independent ABIRK official partners, can accompany you through every step of the digital transformation process and provide expert advice, tailor-made solutions and support for your specific business needs.

All our staff and partners have extensive experience in the railway sector and a deep knowledge of the AUP platform, technical know-how, maintenance process, data mining and big data analysis skills and competence in process change.

Remote Diagnostic System

System to allow the maintenance facility to have an easy and pragmatic access to the vehicle diagnostic at support of their daily maintenance activities.

CBM (Condition Based Maintenance)

Remote acquisition of counters targeting the execution of the maintenance according to actual conditions (CBM) compared to the current practice of fixed intervals (km/time/hours/ counter of usage).

Business Analytic Systems for Diagnostics

System to allow the usage of advanced data mining techniques, dedicated to the railway applications, focusing on the interpretation and automatic filtering of diagnostic data for maintenance purposes.

Train Integration

The "core" of the communication system is the AUG (Abirk Universal Gateway) module.
This module uses open and standard protocols to communicate with third-party hardware devices, being able to manage both simple operations such as data download and manage complex integrations through the web system for monitoring, managing and configuring remote devices.
The module is fully-connected with certified devices, (se in the follow), or can be integrated with third-party solutions where is also possible to install the AUI (IoT) and AUEG (Edge Computing) modules directly on the devices in order to use all the power of the gateway module AUG with OTA (Over The air) updates of the software and on-board functions (eg . alarms, counters, synthetic diagnostics, CBM, predictive maintenance, etc.)

Hardware for train data acquisition

Remote Diagnostic System

CBM & Predictive Maintenance

Analytic Systems

Certified Train Gateway

is an on-board railway device
that allows data exchange function
(gateway) between on-board devices and
groundside sites via radio link.

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