A modular approach 

AUP is a modular and adaptable application framework.
Every single "component" can be interconnected and integrated to create innovative solutions that can be applied in different application areas.

Innovative Technology

AUP is a complete hardware and software solution for digitalisation and maintenance.

Remotize the Edge    

for remote data, management and application integration through an open platform indipendend from field-deployed devices

Connects the Data

from the field to enterprise applications also to implement analytics analysis

Asset Monitoring

thanks to remote diagnostic, real time data, recordings, etc

Maintenance and Managemet

of any kind of asset thanks to specific module with advance capabilities for corrective, preventive, Condition Based (CBM) and predictive Maintenance

EDGE Computing

functionalities for distributed computation of diagnostic rules and generation of "synthetic" alerts, events, counters and so on...


All data, acquired or generated by the system (es. counters, synthetics events and alerts, etc.) can be directly analyzed or spread across third party software for on-line or offline analysis.

Facility Management CMMS software

Being born as an "aggregator" of software modules, AUP allows to realize customizations and verticalizations in the different application areas not only for maintenance.
With regard to maintenance, by appropriately selecting the AUP modules to be integrated, it is also possible to create a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)

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